Hurray, we made it: There is finally an own webshop with LUKAS fan and merchandising articles.
Why? There are several reasons for this. One of them is your many requests for merchandising and fan products from LUKAS.
Another was attending our first SWAP NIGHT at the last WORLD RESCUE CHALLENGE in Cape Town, South Africa.
A simple scenario: a pub, culinary delights, many firefighters and a whole night in exchange. Patches were exchanged for caps, hoodies changed hands for shirts, and cups crossed the table in exchange for softshell jackets. Everyone had a lot of fun and at least a suitcase with exchange material. That was an inspiration for us! Actually, it was only secondarily about the exchange of material trifles. The important thing was the conversations between the firefighters. No matter which nation or language, everyone enjoyed communicating with their counterparts and had an interest in understanding and getting to know each other. We liked to watch and much more like to go along.
We look forward to our very own SWAP Night and that in our new webshop. Let us know what you are missing, what you want and what you need to become part of our LUKAS team.