In “Vehicle Extrication – The Next Generation” we will look closely at the roles and responsibilities of each team member. The extrication ‘team’ will differ depending upon location. The number of personnel, their skills, knowledge, understanding and experience will vary hugely and yet when needed, there is an expectation for them to immediately work safely and seamlessly in order to achieve a successful outcome. This expectation does not just rely on members of the same organization, but also applies to multiple agencies coming together and working as one team. In terms of technical rescue personnel, I cannot emphasize enough just how important the team dynamic is. The IC can be the most experienced and knowledgeable and yet without a well-trained team to work for them, their plans simply cannot be put into effect. As there is a variance in how teams are made up across the world, it is difficult to prescribe precisely, just what constitutes the ideal team. I believe that having too many team members can be as difficult as having too few, but it is generally accepted that the ideal number of technical rescue personnel for the workload required to deal with a single patient entrapment is 5 or 6.

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